St. Lawrence Market Festival

August 22nd, 2016

On the weekend of August 13, the St. Lawrence Market area did a street festival. The festival included live music, additional food stalls along Market Street (which was closed off), and some cooking lessons and plays.


I went to check it out and intended to stay longer than I did. With the weather being so hot, I got a little grumpier that I needed to be and went home sooner that I wanted to. Plus, it started raining so my intention to see Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night in St. James Park wouldn’t have happened and my second choice of doing pickling would work but I’d left at that point.


From what I saw, it was a regular street festival that’s typical of other festival’s in the city but less crowded. I think it was the usual crowds of people that show up to shop at the market who then stuck around to see what was going on.



If the weather was better and I was in a better mood, I may have stuck around longer to see some of the other things going on.  I’ll put this on my list for next year.

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