In an Unlikely Event

August 18th, 2016

Read: August 8, 2016

Summary: Miri Ammerman was fifteen years old in the 1950s during which airline travel was new, the Korean War was going on, and other exciting events were taking place. It was also the worst year of Miri’s life where she fell in love for the first time and there was a succession of airplane crashes in her hometown of Elizabeth, New Jersey. Years later, Miri returns to her hometown to attend a memorial of these crashes.

My Thoughts: It was an ok story and took me almost ¾ of the book to actually get into the novel. The overall storyline was intriguing but was a really slow read for me. To add to the slow read, I found it confusing to read several different character point of views.  I may have preferred reading it entirely from one perspective instead of several.  Miri’s voice was the main viewpoint but other characters were added to the mix and may have contributed to the slow start.

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