Dîner en Blanc Toronto 2016

August 22nd, 2016

Last week my aunt and I participated in Dîner en Blanc here in Toronto.  It’s an event that happens yearly in various cities not always on the same day. We first became aware of the event last year when it was being held in the Harbourfront area and it looked so pretty.




The idea behind the event is that you have to be dressed all in white and bring white décor, tables and chairs for your group or pair. The location of the event would be kept secret until your arrival at the venue. There was the option to purchase a meal but we, like most, brought our own food.




The location was a park space Front Street East and Cherry Street. We were more spread out than what we saw last year but it still looked super pretty when everyone was set up. It was such a nice event and we really enjoyed ourselves and the people we were sat next to.


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