2015 Holiday Markets

January 4th, 2016

December 2015 felt like a super busy month with the Christmas celebrations, watching new movies and checking out the holiday markets and craft shows around town.

Between the end of November and just before the Christmas break, I managed to check out a few of the holiday markets that were open. I started off the big one, the One of a Kind Show which took place at the end of November.

I’ve done the One of a Kind Show once before a few years ago in the Spring and at the time thought it was ok. I did enjoy the Christmas one better but it may have been the company I was with that made it more enjoyable. I bought some handmade soaps and a pair of mittens.

The City of Craft took place at the beginning of December and had some craft classes scheduled during the weekend. I signed up for a couple of the classes and looked around the stalls. It was similar items to the One of a Kind Show but on a smaller scale.

Finally, Union Station had a small tent set up for a few weeks showcasing some goods as part of their holiday market.  It was a really small set up intended, I guess, for those on their way to and from work or other activities. I didn’t spend a whole lot of time looking.

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