Swimming Lessons

November 27th, 2017

Read: November 22, 2017

Summary: Ingrid Coleman reveals the truth about her marriage to Gil through letters which then are hidden about the books that Gil has collected. Ingrid writes her final letter, hides the letter and then disappears from her family and home by the sea.

A number of years later, Gil is in a bookshop and thinks he sees Ingrid walk by the window. It’s believed that it was an unlikely sighting as most in town and within the family believe Ingrid drowned. Flora, Gil and Ingrid’s youngest daughter, returns to town to help look after her father and tries to discover the truth behind her mother’s disappearance.

My Thoughts: This book did not stand out for me as it was just average and something I’d probably read on vacation.  It’s also a light enough book to read in-between some of the heavier reads. I found I wasn’t connecting to the characters and it wasn’t quite a page turner either. I did like how it read with interspersing letters from the mother to her husband with chapters of what is happening in the life of the other characters.

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