Free Flicks: Harbourfront and Sail-in Cinema

September 1st, 2017

Toronto, for the last few years, has used park spaces to show movies outdoors.  I’ve previously done the Free Flicks at Harbourfront and Sail-in Cinema.  There are whole lot of free outdoor movies around the city including Regent’s Park, Christie Pits and St. James Park.

This summer I went to see Pacific Rim at Harbourfront and Beauty and the Beast (2017) at the Sail-in Cinema. The Harbourfront movies tend to be more adults (both this time around and when I’ve gone in the past).  It wasn’t as busy as I’ve seen the free flicks I’ve gone to before but there was a still a good amount of people.

The Sail-in Cinema was definitely a lot busier and a lot of families were there too. It’s very condusive to picnicking and enjoying the company your with rather than watching the movie.  Although we managed to focus on the movie, but it’s not the expectation especially if haven’t seen the movie.  It’s much more pleasant if it’s a movie you’ve already seen before and you can sit back, relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

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