Shakespeare in High Park

August 28th, 2017

A couple weeks ago, a friend and I headed over to High Park to watch Twelfth Night as part of the annual Shakespeare in High Park event.  The other Shakespeare play being performed was King Lear.

We had a such a good time watching the play and picnicking.  We bought dinner to take with us and eat there while we were waiting for the performance to start. Although snacks were available to buy at the event, we brought ours as did most others.

Before the play started, some high school students that were paired with local artists performed a pieced.  It was announced that it’s something that was being done only on the weekends.  I thought it was just ok.

The performance of Twelfth Night was really good. It was modernized to be set in the 1970s and I think some lines were either modernized to reflect the time period or added in which was ok but would have rather seen the original script performed and made the time period work for the play.

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