#PVD2015: Porch View Dances

August 31st, 2015

I recently went to see a community event, Porch View Dances, in the Annex / Seaton Village neighbourhood. Porch View Dances has been going on for the last few years and is put together by a dance company, Kaeja d’Dance.  The idea is to take a peek at the family of a home and their representation through dance.


Porch View Dance

When I first read about this event, I thought it might be ok – just regular people doing regular dances that they made up themselves.  I was wrong. It turns out that the neighbours who performed were paired with a professional choreographer. A dance was put together than represented whoever lived in the home. The dancing turned out better than I expected and it was nice that it was interspersed with a mini-tour of the neighbourhood. Not only was there a dances in front of a few homes and a little tour, there was also a few pop-up dances along the route and told the story of the tour guide trying to look for his bride.


Porch View Dance in the Park

I might have to check this event out again next year. It was great to see such a turn out of people to engage in what was happening.


Community Dance, Porch View Dance


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