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January 27th, 2012

On a wintry evening after work, I wanted to do something different.  I love bookstores and can easily spend a lunch hour or two in the nearby Chapters.  As much as I enjoy roaming the local Chapters store, I decided to check out Type Books.

About a week ago, on one of the local morning news programs, I saw a You Tube video, The Joy of Books, featuring Type Books which is also featured on the bookstore‘s website.  While talking to a colleague earlier this week, I remembered the video and wanted to head out to the bookstore to look around.

Located across from the Trinity Bellwoods Park, Type Bookstore is neat little store.  They do have a second location in Forest Hill Village which I’d love to check out as well.  It reminded me of the bookstores featured in movies.  Type Books does have some of the mainstream books available in the large chain stores like Chapters but, also, I noticed books that I hadn’t seen before.  In the basement, there are art books while on the main floor, there are fiction, cookbooks, travel books, and a small children’s section in the back.

I spent half an hour in the store flipping through books and looking at some of the blank notebooks and cards before moving on next door to another store.

The Paper Place, Type’s next door neighbour, is a place I’ve been into a few times years ago.  Like Type Books, it’s small business with great paper and other products. I loved the papers on display which would be great for art pieces or even for bookbinding projects.  They offer some cool workshops like card making or making fabric out of paper.

I decided to make a pit stop in a Japanese store, Sanko, on my way to the streetcar stop.  It’s been in the same location for as long as I remember.  I’m rarely in this part of the city but the few times I’ve ventured out this way, I’ve always seen this store. I walked in and immediately greeted by a Japanese recording which I assume was welcoming me to the store.  I was expecting something different to what I saw when I walked in.  I guess I thought I’d see more food from Japan which was mostly in the back of the store.  Up front, there were lots of small dishes and bowls in various colours.  There was also a  a shelf with books.

It was a great one hour roaming around these three stores.  I’d definitely have to head over to this area again for a longer stroll and roam through the park as well.

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